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OJ McFoy

General Manager of Buffalo Sewer Authority; President of National Association of Clean Water Agencies

Oluwole A. (OJ) McFoy was appointed in 2015 to serve as the Buffalo Sewer Authority’s General Manager. McFoy is a graduate of Clarkson University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of New York, bringing over 20 years of executive leadership, program management, and infrastructure design experience to regional water quality initiatives. Joining the Buffalo Sewer Authority as Chief Operating Officer in 2006, McFoy has also held positions of Chief Engineer, responsible for executing the 20-year commitment to minimize the effects of combined sewer overflows on local waterways, and Chief Financial Officer, charged with managing the Authority’s bonds, investments and annual budget. In 2007, McFoy was appointed Chairman of the Buffalo Water Board by Mayor Byron W. Brown and continues to serve in this role. As Chairman, he led the 2010 management team transition, negotiating a $55 Million, ten-year public/private agreement with Veolia Water, to provide reliable and professional delivery of drinking water for the city. McFoy serves as president of the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, on the US Water Alliance’s Water Equity Taskforce, and as the New York Water and Environment Association’s representative to the WEF House of Delegates.