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David Sibelman

Chief Executive Officer of Operational Technical Services

David Sibelman is an accomplished executive in the staffing industry, boasting over 15+ years of specialized experience in staffing and consulting. Over the past four years, he spearheaded the development of one of the foremost specialty staffing firms, focusing on serving the water industry. His strategic emphasis on building successful staffing and consulting firms has yielded tangible benefits for public health initiatives.

Throughout his extensive career, spanning 15+ years, David has devoted himself to every facet of the recruiting and staffing realm, consistently crafting optimal solutions for both clients and staff. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, he seeks to recruit self-motivated, hard-working, and dependable individuals with engaging personalities, fostering enduring and trustworthy business relationships.

As a former recruiter and current executive, David’s mission is to orchestrate the perfect alignment between candidate and position, ensuring a mutually beneficial outcome for all stakeholders involved. His dedication to making the “right match” is unparalleled, always prioritizing the best interests of the client.

With over 25 years of comprehensive experience across business leadership, profit and loss management, project management, operations, sales, marketing, finance, risk management, and IT, David brings a wealth of expertise to every endeavor.