The Catalyst Experience 2024 coming to San Antonio Oct. 16-18!

Catalyst is more than an event. It’s a professional accelerator.

Its mission: to harness the collective power of water sector communicators and educators around industry-leading interactive events, and to deliver real-world impact that elevates the visibility and value of strategic communications as the true vehicle for making positive and lasting change in the industry and in the communities we serve.

(YouTube video here)

In 2017, a group of water communicators and educators gathered to ask, “What if?” What if we created an ongoing conversation that took the form of a gathering—a summit where water professionals could:

  • Experience a safe space for experimentation

  • Recreate the conference experience

  • Learn from thought leaders outside of the water industry

  • Discover a community of people that perhaps they never knew existed

And so, in June of 2018, the first Catalyst Summit was hosted in San Antonio, Texas. From its inception, Catalyst was specifically designed to resemble nothing like a traditional water conference. Instead, we endeavored to gather water educators and communicators from around the country to equip them with the resources they needed to help develop their programs, scale their impact, and engage public stakeholders.

Catalyst is not a conference.

It’s ground zero for the movement revolutionizing how the water industry engages with the world.

Catalyst is an accelerator.

It’s a launch pad. It levels-up access and professional development of water storytellers everywhere.

Communication is the missing link.

Communicators are the only link between the industry, the work we do, and the people we serve. Our greatest challenges have always been solved by our greatest collaborations. A challenge that confronts us all demands that we all confront the challenge. To find a solution…Together.